Philip Taffet

About Philip

Hi, I'm an graduate student in the computer science department at Rice University. In May 2017, I earned B.S. degrees in math and computer science from Rice University.

I love hard problems, running, thinking, programming, and reading. I'm passionate about technology and engineering.

Last summer, I worked with Ian Karlin at Lawrence Livermore National Lab studying congestion on interconnection networks of HPC systems. The summer before, I worked on HPC performance analysis with Chevron's Emerging Technology group. I worked on Azure Service Fabric with the Hyper-scale Compute team of Microsoft Azure during the 2015 summer and on the Oxbow project with the Future Technologies Group at Oak Ridge National Lab during the 2014 summer. Prior to that, I worked on HPCToolkit at Rice University.

Selected Personal Projects

When I found that Mali does not follow the normal rules on allowed domains, I knew I had to build this. It's a firework simulator game I built for HackRice 2016. Uses SignalR and websockets to allow for a real-time multiplayer firework experience.
Tasks and Calendars
A personal Universal Windows Platform app that helps me manage my integrated to-do list and calendars, all stored on SharePoint 2013. I gained experience with the SharePoint CSOM and with writing Universal Windows Apps.

Password Manager
A password manager that does not require a master password but instead uses certificates and an additional second factor when connecting from a remote network. I learned more about certificates, managing a PKI, and writing client-server applications.
Kinect Gait Monitor
An application for a geriatric clinic that uses the Kinect sensor to monitor a patient's gait speed, which correlates strongly with mortality. This project won the grand prize at LeadingAge HackFest 2014 and is in development for use by my dad.
Additional information and other projects available on Github or by request.